Cosmic Healing of Mass Consciousness Beliefs Fears, Thoughts, and Feelings – Mind Body Spirit-Style

From a mind body and spirit perspective, a global reset in consciousness has been underway for several decades. Each new major evolutionary shift in human development is always preceded by a stirring up and transformation of mass consciousness.What is mass consciousness?Mass consciousness is the matrix of attitudes, beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns that govern how the majority of persons alive on the planet at the time behave.Each belief, fear, thought and feeling has a specific energy pattern or frequency. Take all the beliefs, fears, thoughts and feelings of each of the almost seven billion persons now living on Earth and there you have the totality of current mass consciousness.This mass consciousness creates an energy grid that surrounds, undergirds and permeates all life on Earth at any given time. It affects your stress level, your feelings, your thoughts and your own beliefs, especially if you do not take the time to build your own inner awareness and Soul alignment.It is this conscious awareness and Soul alignment that helps you to build your conscious creator life skills so that you set your own life agenda instead of being at the mercy of the push and pull of mass consciousness. As a conscious creator, you get to choose the beliefs, thought and feeling patterns and fears that govern your own life.Have fun as you explore releasing blocked energy n the form of limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and fears. In the process you will strengthen your own self awareness, Soul alignment and conscious creator skills. This not only enables you to transform your own life but contributes to the ongoing cosmic healing of mass consciousness beliefs, fears, thought and feeling patterns around the world.

Software at a Service (SAAS) Test Management

SAAS as the name suggests is the software licensing model that allows a user to use applications on demand. The applications may be downloadable to the local machine or they could be accessed remotely. In the ever growing software industry software testing has become indispensable. Test management tools are the one that manage software testing. They are the software that manages tests as per predefined specifications. SAAS is such software as a service used for Test Management. The availability of the application depends upon its use or on the expiration of contract.SAAS is thus an End to End Test Management Solution to cover all the QA Processes. It manages all the Requirements, Tests, Issues and Reporting as one single software testing solution and saves time and money by integrating various software testing software. Coordination and Visibility are main requirements of QA and Testing. SAAS is a QA Management Software that allows the user to choose what to test, report issues and track them as well. In today’s highly competitive environment software companies aims at the best quality software.Due to ever growing competition and focus in cost effective measures of software testing, companies are looking out for a software management tool that is cost effective and provides tools and processes that enables testers to develop a more holistic approach towards testing. The testing needs ad requirements differ from individual to individual. By selecting the most appropriate tool for Software Testing companies can ensure that the product is tested thoroughly before it is launched in the market. Each and every tool differs in its capabilities and limitations to test the software’s. SAAS helps the companies to choose the best possible tools as per their requirements to achieve high standards of quality in their products.SAAS provides multiple benefits to the end user. Some of them are as follows: It provides a cost effective solution, by giving an option of choosing the most appropriate tool, as per the requirement. This prevents the cost of procuring the software individually. The initial cost for acquiring and deploying SAAS is thus much lower.Any upgrade of Soft wares, are the responsibility of SAAS and thus the end user is always at a benefit of using latest version of the software. Also since SAAS Test Management applications are already available over internet, it can be easily adopted by the user with minimal investment of time and effort and it does not have any additional cost of implementation of licensed software.The end user can always choose the software according to the requirements and thus can customize the Testing according to its requirement. It gives the user more flexibility for testing the software.SAAS once procured can be used at any location as per the end users preference, as it is hosted by web. So the user can use the application all across the globe. It’s the responsibility of the service provider or vendor for the full maintenance of applications, which allows the user to focus entirely improving the quality of the product by testing it to the highest levels.

Planning Budget Travel Discount Air Fares and Hotel

First of all, your main key to success on getting budget travel discount air fares and hotel is careful planning. There are a lot of factors that you can control, for instance when you book, the way you want to travel, whether you like to pick a package bargain or building your own bundle. All of these factors can have an important affect on the cost of your trip. First and last, each of these points are within your influence!The single most significant Question is: When to BookSo many people know closely when they’re planning to go for traveling. When it comes to organising your budget vacation you should remember this important factor you can benefit from.Determining when booking is a bit like gambling. Although plenty of travel companies will provide lower prices and discounts for early booking, you may looking for good deals on last minute bargains as well.There are four questions you should answer before finding out what is the best date to book to pay less:1. How flexible are you in terms of dates considered about traveling?2. Are you flexible enough in terms of vacation spots that you have considered to visit?3. Do you prefer to pick out a package deal or building your own bundle?4, Do you like to go to a popular vacation spot many tour or flight companies travel to?Firstly, if you’re flexible enough in terms of dates and travel spots then you will have the most benefits waiting until the last minute booking your trip. Naturally, you should keep in mind that last minute bargains are something you cannot absolutely trust upon. Last minute traveling is far too risky, if you’re set on visiting a desired vacation spot at a fixed date.If you’re planning to create your own tour package you should also have in mind that you need various gambles. Because you have to pick out your hotels, air fares and transport. Perhaps you may get a really perfect last minute flight, but you didn’t find any good deals when it comes to hiring your car or booking your accommodation. In that case you may find out that paying a high price for some components of your travel package will end up out balancing any last minute savings you could made.Generally, if you’re considering to go on a particular trip, you may find out that last minute deals for certain trips are not available, for instance a cruise with a specific line or a vacation spot that is only provided by a couple of companies. A cruise company will provide vacations for a fixed price, although they may provide their vacations through various agents who may provide discounts.Last but not least, if you doing some research and planning your vacation carefully, you’ll find out plenty of budget travel discount air fares and hotel you could save a lot of money.